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  • BSIF Exceeds Returns Targets

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    Bluefield Solar Income Fund (BSIF) has reported a rise in net asset value (NAV), earnings per share, and dividend distribution in its most recent full-year report, which covers a period where the listed solar fund made few acquisitions.

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  • BSIF Full Year Result BRR Media

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  • BSIF Full Year Result Webcast 2018

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  • BSIF: RNS – Analyst and Investor Site Visit

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    Bluefield Solar is today holding an analyst and investor event, which will provide guests with the opportunity to visit one of Bluefield Solar’s power plants. The event also involves a presentation by Bluefield Services, a Bristol-based technical asset management business that provides services such as asset monitoring and reporting, operation and maintenance, contract management and technical optimisation for Bluefield Solar’s portfolio.

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  • Stockbrokers Research

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    Date:  May 2018

    Publication: Investment Trust Newsletter

    Author: Andrew McHattie



    We must mention Canaccord’s annual ‘skin in the game’

    research on the personal investment of directors and

    management, published on 26th April. It’s an excellent

    piece of research, affording some real insight into the

    industry. Canaccord say “while no guarantee of superior

    performance, in order to align interests, investors look for

    directors and managers to have a meaningful personal

    investment in the companies which they direct and/or

    manage. We have never met one investor who has argued

    against this, and we strongly believe that skin in the game

    sends a clear and powerful message to both existing and

    potential investors.”

    Significant progress has been made on a number of fronts

    since Canaccord’s original review in 2012 and they highlight

    that over the past six years, the percentage of women

    directors has increased from 10.2% to 22.3%. There are

    still 69 all-male boards. The total investment by boards

    and managers featured in this report is £2,043m. While the

    evolution of the closed-end industry makes comparisons

    of limited value, this is double the total of £1bn in 2014

    and it was £687m in 2012. Some 58 chairmen or directors

    have an investment in excess of £1m while 67 managers

    or management teams have a personal investment

    in excess of £1m. Surprisingly, 14% of directors have

    no investment, and 30 current chairmen, who have

    been on their respective boards for at least five years,

    currently have a shareholding valued at less than

    their annual fee. A total of 17 chairmen (6%) have no

    investment in their company. The report features 1352

    directorships, of which 93.5% are independent. This

    compares with 93% in 2014 and 91% in 2012.

    The investment companies where all board members

    have current shareholdings equivalent to more than

    two years’ fees are: Bluefield Solar Income Fund , EP

    Global Opportunities, Fundsmith Emerging Equities,

    Independent Investment Trust, Jupiter European

    Opportunities, Majedie Investments, Mid Wynd

    International, Miton UK Microcap, Personal Assets,

    Seneca Global Income & Growth, Utilico Emerging

    Markets, and Warehouse REIT.

    In contrast, the boards have no investment at all

    in Carador Income Fund, Ground Rents Income,

    CVC Credit Partners European Opportunities, or

    Honeycomb Investment Trust.

  • BSIF: European MiFID Template

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    You can access the EMT here.


    Disclaimer – EMT Data for MiFID II Reporting      

    This document has been prepared by the Company on a voluntary basis to allow financial intermediaries to be MiFID II compliant (the “Regulations”). The template provides functional data of BSIF’s target market, distribution strategy, costs and charges ex-ante and ex-post. This data is required by some of the Company’s counterparties in the secondary market. The data was sourced from both internal and external sources, which may not have been verified or audited independently and as such you use the data at your own risk. We therefore do not guarantee the accuracy of the data or its applicability for the Regulations or your regulatory obligations.  Further, this document does not provide you with information on how to interpret the data and we do not represent or warrant that the data has been created, calculated or made available in compliance with the Regulations. This document is strictly for information purposes and should not be considered as an offer, investment recommendation or solicitation to deal in any of the investments mentioned herein and does not constitute investment research. Notwithstanding any other provision in this document we retain the right to amend the data without notice and as we consider necessary from time to time and if we deem it necessary to cease providing you with the data at any time and without notification. The data provided does not include any reference to, or consideration of, any form of stamp duty or similar and applicable sale tax, which may be payable by the investor in respect of their purchase of the investment to which the data relates.Excluding any liability for fraud or any other applicable liability in law, the Company has no liability to you or any third party howsoever arising in relation to the data. 


  • 2 inflation-busting dividend investments for a starter portfolio

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  • James Carthew: the high-yield solar fund basking in UK’s rays

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    Published by Citywire, Investment Trust Finder

    5th March 2018

    Written by James Carthew


    James Carthew: the high-yield solar fund basking in UK’s rays

    With the ‘Beast from the East’ receding it is time to think about spring and sunshine, specifically Bluefield Solar Income Fund (BSIF), the only one of the renewable energy investment companies I own. It has been a great investment to date, throwing off an attractive yield and providing me with some modest capital appreciation. 

    Bluefield has no aspirations to expand outside the UK, or diversify into other forms of renewable energy generation, and so it is focused solely on UK-based solar photovoltaic (PV) assets, all of which are ground mounted, at present.

    With a market value of £424 million Bluefield is the smallest of the three listed solar funds, and at 6.5% the highest yielding in the renewable energy sector. At Friday’s close of 113.5p the shares traded on a small premium to net asset value (NAV) of 2.6%, which compares to a premium of 8% for NextEnergy Solar (NESF) and 9.7% for Greencoat UK Wind (UKW), according to Morningstar data.

    When BSIF launched in 2013, I remember being surprised that solar power generation was viable in the UK even with subsidies. The crystalline silicon-based PV technology that underpins commercial solar plants hasn’t evolved much in recent years. New technologies are out there, based on Gallium Arsenide for example, but the additional cost of producing a solar panel using these technologies outweighs the efficiency gain available. Read full article