About BSIF

Who is BSIF?

Bluefield Solar Income Fund (BSIF) is a pioneer in the renewable energy space. It primarily targets utility-scale solar, wind and energy storage assets and portfolios on greenfield, industrial and/or commercial sites. BSIF aims to deliver long-term stable dividends and has one of the most successful track records in the sector.

BSIF seeks to provide shareholders with an attractive return. This is mainly in the form of quarterly income distributions through being invested primarily in renewable energy assets in the UK.

BSIF’s approach

On behalf of BSIF, Bluefield Partners, the investment adviser, seeks greenfield and brownfield opportunities in solar, wind and energy storage assets across the UK. They aim to generate attractive, uncorrelated returns for investors.

The investment team collaborates with the range of renewable energy experts in Bluefield’s four affiliate businesses, from technical engineers, asset managers and developers. This knowledge-sharing gives them a unique advantage to make timely, informed and accurate decisions. With Bluefield companies running or overseeing each project from inception to completion, BSIF is empowered to optimally manage its portfolio.

About the investment adviser, Bluefield Partners LLP

BSIF’s impact

Since IPO in 2013, BSIF has saved over one million tonnes of CO2e from being released into the atmosphere (through the displacement of fossil fuel generated electricity supplying the grid). But to remain in line with the Paris Agreement, global emissions need to reduce by at least 45% by 2030.

In addition to supporting the UK’s transition to net zero, BSIF is contributing towards the development of a sustainable and secure domestic energy supply.

Through BSIF’s strategy, it will evidence a responsible and ethical approach to investment and driving shareholder value, while also promoting positive environmental and social impact.

Portfolio assets

BSIF in numbers

Why renewables

The case for renewables

A quarter of carbon emissions come from the burning of fossil fuels. BSIF’s founding belief is that renewable investments create the opportunity for attractive and stable returns, while advancing the decarbonisation of energy markets. This helps to safeguard domestic energy supply, security and, importantly, affordability.

Why renewables

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