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Who are the Bluefield companies?

In 2009, the founders of Bluefield had a vision: that renewable energy would become mainstream, and Bluefield would be pioneers in the industry.

Since then, we have witnessed renewables rise as a disruptor in the energy industry and investment markets alike. Today, the Bluefield Group of companies encompasses the full value chain of the renewables industry, with expertise across the UK and Europe.

The developer arm of the group manages projects from inception, through construction and to fruition as they become operational, fostering a steady pipeline for the portfolio. The investment advisor firm sources deals in the secondary market and negotiates acquisitions for the funds it advises. The services company provides professional services including accountancy and monitoring to optimise the assets under management. The operation and maintenance division remedies technical issues the assets may encounter and ensures their optimal performance.

This diverse skillset ensures appropriate expertise and oversight over the assets under management, creating and maintaining value over the long-term.

The Bluefield Group

Bluefield Partners LLP

Bluefield Partners LLP acts as investment adviser, sources deals in the secondary market and negotiates acquisitions.

Bluefield Services Ltd

Bluefield Services Ltd operates as asset manager for the portfolio and provides a range of services; including technical, operational, legal and financial support.

Bluefield Operations Ltd

Bluefield Operations Ltd is the operation and maintenance contractor for the portfolio. It remedies any technical issues that develop and ensures optimal performance of the assets.

Bluefield Development

Bluefield Development manages projects from inception until they become operational, fostering a steady pipeline for the portfolio.

How opportunities are identified

Bluefield Partners’ robust investment process aims to maximise value for investors from conception to completion of renewable assets’ lifecycle.

Deal sourcing

A rich pipeline of potential investments comes from strategic partnerships and industry networks. The development business, Bluefield Development, also aims to grow the opportunities available through greenfield sites.

Due dilligence

Once a project is identified, an initial review and financial modelling process is followed by a full due diligence and non-binding offer, before being presented to the investment committee for review.

ESG integration

In line with the investment strategy of each fund, Bluefield considers environmental, social and governance factors with a particular focus on long-term sustainability and biodiversity.

Ongoing asset management and optimisation

Through Bluefield’s affiliate businesses, they actively manage the life of each asset to maximise the value it provides.

How Bluefield Partners invest

Bluefield’s history


Bluefield Partners LLP was founded in 2009 to provide specialist investment advice on renewable energy, specialising in solar. It is still managed by two of its founding partners, James Armstrong and Giovanni Terranova. With Bluefield’s presence and team later expanding into Europe, Bluefield Italia S.r.l was incorporated in 2015 as a hub for investment activity structured to support renewable energy activity across Europe.


We launched the first solar PV investment company listed on the London Stock Exchange. In 2023 BSIF had its 10 year anniversary and is now a FTSE 250 company with £1.4bn AUM and over 200 assets in the portfolio. BSIF has diversified into other renewable energy technologies such as wind and battery storage.


Bluefield Services Ltd was established with the aim of providing superior asset management of renewable assets to improve the performance, longevity and returns generated. Bluefield Services later expanded their work into Europe, incorporating Bluefield Services Italia S.r.l, and Bluefield Asset Management Europe SL in 2021 and 2022 respectively. This brought with it local teams to manage its growing renewable energy asset base within Europe.


Bluefield Operations Ltd was created to satisfy increasing demand for high quality operational and management services in the solar industry.


Bluefield Renewable Developments was set up as a specialist solar and storage project developer – the first stage of an asset lifecycle enabling Bluefield to offer a full end-to-end value proposition. In 2023, Bluefield Renewable Development Europe Ltd and Bluefield Storage Developments S.r.l were incorporated, expanding renewable development activities, and pioneering storage technologies across Europe.


Bluefield Construction Management Ltd was created to efficiently manage Bluefield’s construction projects from consented development to commissioning, focusing on delivering high quality projects and ensuring full compliance with H&S, planning and environmental requirements.


Bluefield was created to attract capital into renewable energy infrastructure, providing a sustainable and ethical method of energy generation and reducing reliance on fossil fuels. However, Bluefield does not only focus on its environmental impact –they understand that consideration of social and governance factors is essential for the long-term sustainability of investments. As a group of companies, they are equally committed to operating responsibly.

Responsible Investment

In line with the investment strategy of BSIF under advisory, ESG is suitably integrated within pre-and post-investment activities. Bluefield Partners LLP has been a signatory to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment since 2019.


As an FCA regulated entity, Bluefield Partners LLP evidences the highest standards of professional conduct. Key policies are in place across the group, and third-party compliance advisers are used to ensure regulatory obligations are met.

Corporate responsibility

The Bluefield Foundation is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, founded to maximise positive social and environmental impact, and engage with local communities. Bluefield is committed to ensuring high staff welfare as an equal opportunity employer.


Bluefield places beehives at various sites to support bee farmers as well as the local ecosystems.


Bluefield makes employee well-being a priority and it holds regular initiatives throughout the year to promote safety, well-being, and happiness at work.


Best-in-class biodiversity management is the ambition across Bluefield-managed sites.

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Bluefield Partners, BSIF’s investment adviser, has one of the longest and strongest track records in the renewable energy sector. This is thanks to the combination of granular investment knowledge of each strategy, alongside insights from highly skilled technical asset management and operational teams within the Bluefield’s affiliated companies.

In addition to BSIF, Bluefield Partners manages several private strategies on behalf of all types of professional investors.

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