Why renewables

Renewable energy is a reliable, long-term and sustainable alternative to fossil fuels.

The International Energy Agency has predicted that renewables will account for more than 90% of global electricity capacity expansion between 2022 – 20271. Demand is only projected to grow, and renewable sources are the best solution to solve the energy ‘trilemma’ and ensure a reliable and efficient domestic energy supply.



The renewable opportunity

The efficiencies in manufacturing, operating and maintaining renewable energy assets have resulted in a considerable reduction in the production cost of renewable sources over the past decade. This has been the primary factor in the transformation of the global energy industry. Solar and onshore wind are now commercially viable alternative energy sources when compared with volatile oil and gas markets, with offshore wind trending towards the same2.


The extent with which solar energy costs have fallen over the past decade3.


The forecast share of renewables in the power mix by 20274.

Government incentives

Through incentive schemes, governments around the world, including in the UK and Europe, provided a catalyst to developing long-term renewable energy generation to accelerate the transition to cleaner fuels.

Development opportunity

Thanks to falling costs and greater efficiencies, the cost of renewable energy is falling in many countries. Well-designed renewable sites can be managed to enhance biodiversity and the local environment.

How we work with Landowners

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