What We Do

Last updated July 3, 2020

Bluefield Solar Income Fund (BSIF) is an investment company focused on the acquisition and long term management of a diversified portfolio of low carbon assets in the UK, with the objective of delivering long term stable dividends. BSIF primarily targets utility scale solar assets and portfolios on greenfield, industrial and/or commercial sites. In addition, the Company has the ability to invest a minority of its capital into onshore wind, hydro and storage technologies.

The Company’s initial public offering (IPO) was in July 2013, making it the first investment company focused on solar PV to be listed on a major stock exchange. The investment focus was 100% UK solar and has delivered sector leading results. In July 2020, the Company proposed the widening of the mandate to enable investment into onshore wind, hydro and storage technologies – a proposal that received overwhelming support from the Company’s shareholders.

To date, the Company is the highest performing fund of its kind and has delivered the highest dividend in the sector every full financial year since IPO.