Bluefield Solar Income Fund – Interim Results Audiocast

Please click the link below to the pre recorded audiocast for the Bluefield Solar Income Fund - Interim…

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BSIF enters strategic partnership with GLIL Infrastructure

Bluefield Solar Income Fund (BSIF) has teamed up with GLIL Infrastructure (GLIL) to invest in UK-focused solar assets,…

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Bluefield Solar Income Fund investment advisor on a “positive start” to 2024

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Navigating the future of ESG: Challenges, opportunities, and the drive for global standardisation

During September and October, I had the pleasure of joining panels at the Markets Group’s 3rd Annual Private Wealth…

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Why impact investing? Making an impact alongside your returns

The graphic below, adapted from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), summarises the focus of investors…

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Why wind? Harnessing the Dynamic Power of Wind

How do modern wind turbines work?  Modern wind energy harnesses the kinetic force (movement) of air to generate…

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Why solar?  


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Why biodiversity? The importance of biodiversity on our planet

However, in recent years the world’s biodiversity has been rapidly decreasing due to humanity’s over-exploitation of the natural…

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The renewable opportunity for investors – in 6 graphs

Global energy mix estimates (% mix of total generation)     Source: Bloomberg New Energy Finance  Compared to traditional fossil…

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What can the last 10-years of solar development tell us about the next decade?

Solar has become truly global If we look at the installed solar capacity in 2012, these figures are…

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