Environmental, Social and Governance

Environmental, social and governance considerations have always been at the heart of the Company.

The Company recognises that incorporation of ESG factors is essential for the generation of long-term, sustainable returns. Furthermore, the Company is conscious that its portfolio will have social and environmental impacts which need to be considered and managed. Commitment and efforts to maximise the positive impact of the portfolio will continue to be a priority moving forward.

ESG in figures

  • 125.5 kt

    Environment 1

    Annual CO2 savings made due to generation of renewable energy

  • 3


    Number of beehives currently being trialled on site

  • 170 K+

    Sustainability 3

    Number of homes powered annually

  • £85 K

    Community 4

    Donations made by the Company to community benefit schemes


The company supports community benefit schemes across its portfolio.

Donation to these schemes go to local councils and parishes for charitable, educational, environmental, amenity or other appropriate purposes.

CO2 savings

The Company plays a vital role in the transition to clean energy, supporting the UK’s recent commitment to ends its contribution to global warming by 2050.

As at 30 June 2020, the portfolio capacity was 478.8MWp, providing an annual saving of over 125,500 tonnes of CO2.

Independent Board of Directors

The Fund benefits from a highly experienced, fully independent and diverse board of directors, led by John Rennocks.

The Board is comprised of five individuals; the chairman and four directors. All Directors submit themselves for re-election at each AGM of the Company.

Meet the Directors

Board Diversity

The Board values directors with diverse skill sets, capabilities and experience.

The current Board bring deep experience from the commercial and industrial sectors as well as experience of investment companies. Sector specialism includes traditional and emerging energy experience.

Corporate Code

The Company has been a member of the AIC since July 2013 and is currently complying with the new code effective Jan 2019.

Amongst others, the Company is also registered under FATCA and currently making progress towards becoming a signatory to the UK Stewardship Code.

Stakeholder Engagement

The Board places great importance on communication with its shareholders, and welcomes their views.

As well as the annual AGM, members of the Board are available to meet with Shareholders throughout the year, if required.

Transparency & Reporting

The Company is committed to providing a high level of transparency and disclosure when reporting to shareholders.

In addition to the Annual Report, the Board are responsible for issuing appropriate half-yearly financial reports and other price-sensitive public reports.

LSE Green Economy Mark

In 2019 the Company was awarded the Green Economy Mark by the London Stock Exchange.

The Green Economy mark was created to allow investors to easily identify funds with “green economy equities”. The mark is awarded to funds that “generate between 50-100% of total annual revenues from products which contribute to the global green economy”.

The Green Economy Mark

Guernsey Green Fund

In April 2019, the Company was the first London listed investment company to achieve Guernsey Green Fund Status.

The Guernsey Green Fund aims to “provide a platform upon which investments into various green initiatives can be made” and gives investors a “trusted and transparent product that contributes to the internationally agreed objectives of mitigating environmental damage and climate change.”

The Guernsey Green Fund